You broke a beautiful piece of ceramic and you want to repair it with a traditional technique ?

Do you make ceramics and want to repair a crack in an original style ?

Come with all the pieces of your piece to repair and embellish it !

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique to repair ceramics without petrochemicals. A natural lacquer, urushi, is used as glue. After several layers, the piece is finished with gold, silver or pigmented lacquer.

This technique requires 5 or 6 steps to complete the process.


I organize sessions of 1 hour at 60.-, gold and silver not included. Depending on the number of pieces or their complexity, it is possible to do two consecutive sessions.
Material and tools are provided. Schedules on request > contact me.

Repair service

If you wish to let me repair your item, I also offer a repair service. Prices on request depending on the complexity of the repair > contact me.